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Finger Pulse Oximeter

Pulse oximeters have been around in the mid-nineties and have revolutionized the way doctors perform their works. For one, they won’t have to rely on the appearance of the person anymore to know whether or not he is ready for the procedure or to do other tests before they will know this. Pulse oximeters have indeed helped in speedy recovery of patients, especially those who have respiratory illnesses.

Today, a portable pulse oximeter is known in the world. They are small devices that measure the blood oxygen saturation of the patient and his heart rate as well. Instead of the old method,blood sample, oximeter devices are non-invasive and painless medical instrument.

Aside from their non-invasive procedure, they are easier to use, gives faster results, cost-effective and portable. Because of this, most doctors prefer this device in hospitals and health centers and in home diagnostic as well.

These portable finger pulse oximeter replaces the large blood oxygen saturation measurement machines that is normally used in hospitals. Before, doctors have to bring with them oximeter computer units that they use in every patient which is very bulky and needs to be wheeled. With the invention of the finger pulse oximeter, doctors don’t have to wheel these large machines; they just have to use the finger oximeter with a portable oximeter machine which is smaller than a pager and do their rounds with ease.

With the portability that the finger pulse oximeters give, many respiratory diseases like asthma can be cured and people with this sickness can enjoy a more active life, but still needs to monitor their asthma levels for better health. With this, they can monitor their blood oxygen saturation level wherever they are at any time they wish to monitor them.

There are many finger oximeter devices in the market. One just have to search the internet for trusted brands that are FDA approved and they can use them in monitoring their blood oxygen levels. They just have to know whether they will be used by an adult or a kid so they can determine the size that they will buy.